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Villa Giò is an historical construction that dates back to the mid-800s. During the Bourbon period, it was used as a laundry room and then it became a rural house, part of an agricultural fund.  The artist Giovanni Maltese was one of the first owners of the house. He used to take advantage of the lush forest surrounding the house to cultivate his passion for hunting and painting. In 1906 the house was ceded to a local merchant, Giovanni Matarese, who utilized it as a summer house, until the beginning of the second World War.

In that period, Villa Giò became a military post, thanks to its strategic position on the westernmost point of the island. Some documents that are stored in the historical archive of Florence testify the story of Villa Giò. After the war, the villa lived a period of decadence and became an uninhabited ruin. The latter one had a moment of fame when it was used as the film set of the movie “Paradiso all’improvviso” of Pieraccioni as the house of the witch.

Its current owner, named Giovanni as the latter ones, has reclaimed the area and restructured the old ruin by building a cozy house. Villa Giò has a symbiotic relationship with nature and it can be defined as a sustainable house. Indeed, it has been built using local stones coming from the old ruins and the major part of the furniture has been recycled and reused. An example are the tiles on the roof, which come from an old tuscan bell tower.

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My husband and I spent two weeks in this beautiful villa located in Forio a few steps from the sea and surrounded by nature. We were warmly welcomed by the owner who provided basic staple to get us started. What we appreciated most about Villa Giò was the direct access to the sea and the privacy, because the house is not surrounded by neighbours, but by Mediterranean maquis. We can't wait to return!

I stayed with my wife at Villa Gio. The villa is a little piece of heaven and hidden gem located in Ischia, an island near the Amalfi Coast. The villa mirrors the perfect place to chase away all negative energies and relax thanks to the dominant presence of nature, that surrounds the villa, and the absence of other houses in sight. It was just perfect!

After visiting the Amalfi coast and Capri, my family and I completed our tour by heading to Ischia where we have stayed in this wonderful villa, that was exactly what we had wished for- plenty of private outdoor space, beautiful views, and direct access to the sea. Villa Gio is ideally positioned for a nice walk to the Giardini La Mortella and/or Negombo Beach.